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Bluelight Ideas partners closely with companies and brands to help them unlock their full potential and achieve their purpose-driven goals through effective digital and marketing strategies.




Since hitting the On switch in 2002, Bluelight Ideas has partnered with marketing-driven companies in New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, Asia and the United States.



Bluelight Ideas was founded in 2002 during a time when the internet was in its nascent stage, social media hadn't yet been created, and traditional above-the-line advertising dominated the marketing landscape.


Despite the evolution of the digital marketing mix, we've adapted and stayed ahead of the curve by combining timeless ideation with the latest digital innovations and emerging technologies.


With a strong foundation in creative, digital technology, and marketing, Bluelight Ideas generates concepts that can be executed across various channels such as digital, social media, experiential, and emerging technologies. Whether you already have a communication strategy in place or need us to develop one, we're ready to hit the ground running.



Trying to find a marketing partner who blends creativity with business acumen? We would love to talk.


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