Bluelightideas is all about innovative campaigns that get consumers opening their wallets. Whether it’s a pop-up zombie experience, a Hollywood film tie-in or a digitally driven campaign, we use imagination and emerging technologies to motivate customers, generate loyalty and build brands.


Whatever it is you’re selling, chances are we can show you a powerful case study

or two. We’ve worked across a variety

of sectors ranging from Quick Service Restaurants to Consumer Packaged Goods.



Since hitting the On switch in 2002, Bluelightideas has partnered with marketing-driven companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.



Bluelightideas was set up in 2002. It was a time when the web was in its infancy, social media hadn’t been invented, and above-the-line advertising still ruled.


The digital marketing mix has evolved since then, but we’ve more than kept pace – blending the evergreen power of ideas with the exciting new world of digital innovation and emerging technologies.


With strong roots in creative, digital technology and marketing, Bluelightideas creates concepts that can be driven through digital, social media, experiential and emerging technologies. Tell us your communication strategy – or ask us to develop one – and we’ll hit the ground running.



Are you looking for a campaign with the X factor? Trying to find a marketing partner who blends creativity with business acumen? We would love to talk.


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